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Try, taste, love

At Kim’s so, you will find your comfort food & drinks. Come to visit us and enjoy your leisure time with friends & family in our vibrant atmosphere. We offer an array of delights, from gimbap to bibimbap, irresistible Korean fried chicken and Korean Chinese cuisine, etc. 

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Our Featured Specialties

Try it, taste it, and love it

Gimbab   12 euro

Rice roll by seaweed, Bulgogi (bulgogi, carrot, radish, lettuce, cucumber, panned egg and mayonnaise ) or Vegetarian

Tteokbokki  13,90 euro

A rice cake dish with (sweet/spicy) red chili sauce

Honey Mustard Chicken    12,50  euro (250g)   16,90 euro (400g)

Korean fried chicken tossed in real butter and tossed in honey 

Chinese Sichuan Spicy Chicken 13,50 euro (250g)   18,50 euro (400g)

Extremely spicy Chinese Sichuan flavoured fried chicken 

Dolsot bibimbap      13,90 euro

Rice with beef and a variety of vegetables, mixed with spicy gochujang sauce and sesame oil

We also offer vegetarian dolsot bibimbap

Korean Ramen – Beef 12,50 euro

Spicy noodle soup with beef, egg and vegetables. 

We also offer Vegetarian or Seafood Korean ramen 

Jjajang Myeon  (Chinese Korean Cuisine) 15,50

Noodle with black bean sauce and vegetables

Please kindly note that we serve halal chicken and beef 

Korean Atmosphere

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